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Advent Calendar Surprises

by - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Aaaand I got the Advent calendar up just in the nick of time! This is one of my favourite holiday traditions. I love the anticipation as we count down the days to Christmas; it makes the whole month feel like a big long celebration.

Our calendar is looking a little rustic this year. I used the small stamped cotton bags I made a few years ago and tied them around the twig garland. I added a twig wreath which I embellished with a snowy owl and burlap webbing

This side of the dining room is pretty festive! Hmm, I wonder what's inside those bags?

Each bag contains an activity idea and sometimes a small toy (like tree ornaments or mini princess figurines). I used many of the same advent activities ideas from last year. For a few of the ideas, there is also a gift. For instance, one activity is "Do a craft with Mommy" and the gift is an ornament making kit from Target. There's also books to read and the wrapped paper is this printable for writing a letter to Santa. You can also see the (tarnished) bucket I've filled with random leftover cuttings and sprays.

The greenery is from the urns I created. I decided to make my own this year and they turned out not so bad! Here's hoping I can keep them alive through the holidays.

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