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A Quick&Easy Makeover of a Tired Brown Sofa

by - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I have a confession. I really really dislike my sofa.  HandyMan purchased it ten years ago for his single guy condo. It's still fairly comfortable but the back cushions constantly look saggy and wrinkled and I am so over the microfibre. I can never get it looking quite 'neat' and updated. But the part I dislike most is the brownness of it. There is so much brown in my living room - in the sofa, coffee table, rug, curtains - that I've been feeling the need for a change.

brown sofa yellow fray living room patter

Here's what the living room is looking like now. Its fine but NOTHING has changed since 2011 when we finished renovating this room. Boooorrrinnng.

A new sofa isn't in the budget right now nor are my skills up to sewing a slipcover, so when Ikea sent over a gift card and asked me to participate in their Quick&Easy textile campaign,  I got excited. Small changes with textiles can make a big difference and really help to refresh a space. I don't actually mind the pillows and textiles I have but they are feeling a little heavy and more suited to cold weather. I've been craving a lighter and whiter summer look so here's what I picked up:

brown sofa living room ikea pillow blanket

I decided to bring in easy textiles with texture and simple patterns. The natural texture of the Vitfjaril pillow covers, the Elly tea towels thrown casually on the coffee table... things are feeling lighter around here. The curtain panels are unlined (the previous curtains had blackout lining) which is a small difference but helps to make the room feel less formal.

brown sofa living room ikea pillow blanket

It's not necessary but I like having a throw on the sofa to add bold pattern. Anything to detract from that brown sofa ;)

brown sofa living room ikea pillow blanket yellow blue

I'm really loving blue these days so the denim-like Ormkaktus cushions made their way to the yellow armchairs. I went for feather-filled inserts so the pillows are soft and relaxed. A few changes and the living room already seems more casually comfortable!

But the great thing about pillows is you can move them around to change things up. Here's a second look I pulled together:

brown sofa living room ikea pillow blanket yellow blue

Its amazing how just changing the textiles can alter the vibe. I still have a few dollars left on my gift card so I might have to pull a quick&easy makeover on a few other rooms in my house.

How about you... do you change out your textiles seasonally? Or maybe you have a brown sofa you're desperately trying to cover up too??

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