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The Love List

by - Friday, June 27, 2014

paris apartment bedroom

I like her Paris favourites. This little place is one of mine.

I love the simplicity of these invitations

A pretty living room makeover

So that's how you set a white balance on a photo

Vanessa had me over to share 7 things in my home that make me decor happy. What do you think made the list?

She left Domino and is now decorating her first home. I'm stalking her instagram for design tips.

Who doesn't love DIY beach art?

Bloggers, are you feeling the summertime blues?

Save all the kitchens!

Go ahead. Get rejected.

girl jumping diving board swimming pool summer

This photo didn't make it to Instagram but I wanted to share. Hope your weekend involves swimming and sunshine! (On a side note, I just discovered that my iPhone photos taken in Square mode are better quality and colour than those taken in regular mode. Weird)

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