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Mix & Match Outdoor Pillows

by - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The backyard porch is getting there! We went through eight gallons in total, painting the ceiling, walls, floor, outside of the porch, some of the fencing in the backyard, and refreshing our outdoor banquette. The paint sprayer helped a lot - we would still be out there painting if we had to do it all by hand!

Now that the grunt work is done, I can turn my attention to fun things like decorating. We don't plan on changing the custom bench cushion cover but I do want to add some new outdoor pillows. Etsy is a great source for outdoor pillows so I thought I'd pick out a few and try mixing and matching them. I find that difficult, mixing patterns I mean - but putting them together in photoshop seems easier for some reason.

Outdoor pillows

 See all the sources on Outdoor Pillows, a collection on Etsy

I really like the bold palm fronds but the blue stripes are calling my name. I always seem to prefer a nautical look for the outdoors. How about you? What does your outdoor space look like?

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