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New Beginnings

by - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

It's been one heck of a week, friends. From one long and lingering issue that finally resolved itself exactly as we hoped it would, to getting ready to send Chloe off to her first day of school, to trying to squeeze these last moments of summer out of our days and prepping the final touches on BlogPodium, I feel like I've just ended a marathon. Sadly, getting through these past few weeks has meant housework has been neglected and we still haven't finished the back porch makeover (and we call ourselves Rambling Renovators! Ha!).

But it's September and with this time of year comes the promise of new beginnings. I always feel a burst of energy just as the days get shorter and the air turns crisp. Which might explain how at 9:30pm Sunday night, I came up with the crazy idea to put together a little Back To School breakfast party for Chloe. She starts Senior Kindergarten on Tuesday - new school, new teacher, new friends and new language (French Immersion) for one very excited little girl.

This party wasn't one of my typical parties. I didn't DIY any decorations or party favours. I didn't plan any games or prizes or a special meal.

I walked around the house for decor and raided my party supply stash. Crayons and markers were put in mason jars and tiny buckets to act as colourful centrepieces. Decorations consisted of reused tissue honeycomb balls and an Old Navy balloon we picked up while back to school shopping. Cheery messages were put on chalkboards and apples became place cards.

The food was simple - HandyMan's awesome crepes and all the sweet fixins' you could want. I've been dying to use my Poppytalk for Target cake stand and today was the day!

And while the party wasn't the most festive or elaborate, it was heartfelt. When the days get busy and challenging, when you feel worn out and never quite sure if you'll make it to the end, its moments like these that I cherish most. Simple pleasures. Surrounded by family. Effortless. Happy. As I watch Chloe embark on a new journey, I find myself thinking about my own. We all need "September", a moment to remember summer with fondness but leave it behind. Here's to exciting, promising, and fun adventures ahead!

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