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What To Wear: Fall Basics for Mom & Mini

by - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Did you know New York Fashion Week starts today? Me either ;) While I'm not a fashion blogger, I embrace fall wardrobe shopping whole-heartedly. Maybe its all those Back To School sales I indulged in when I was a teen? Or the fact that I love layering and Toronto is just glorious in the fall? Whatever it is, I get a real itch at this time of the year to throw out my entire wardrobe and fill it with all the luxe and cozy fall fashions you see in the stores. Tell me I'm not the only one??

I was forced (forced!) to be in the stores lately when I was picking out clothes for Chloe for school. Of course, I've been keeping my eye out for my fall essentials. Here's what's on my wish list:

I love to wear whites and neutrals in the winter - they make you look more tanned ;) The quilted jacket seems like the perfect transition piece for fall and all the chunky knits will be great for keeping cozy. The cross body bag is a cool weather staple and lies easily over all the thicker layers. And they've just opened up a DSW in Toronto - I can't wait to check out those boots in person.

But I love shopping for the little one just as much as shopping for myself. She wants to be just like mom these days so here's a fall wardrobe wish list for my mini:

A little more pink in her wardrobe, naturally ;) I love love love H&M for kid's clothing. They do cute but stylish really well, like the sparkly star hat and kitty backpack. We stocked up on most of her wardrobe there!

Are you looking forward to layering up or do you resist covering up in longer pants and closed toe shoes? 

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