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My House Truths

by - Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oh hello my poor dear neglected blog. I have to tell you, work wise, the new year is already kicking my butt which has meant not much time left for blogging. Not that I'm complaining! I realize I'm lucky to have so much on my plate and I'm fortunate to be making a living doing the things I love - blogging, consulting, making big ideas happen. So, onward!

The past few weeks have been a revelation for me. The new year is always a time for reflection and typically a time to make changes, but much like Erin, I'm learning to embrace things that will never ever change. Especially things about my home. I might look longingly at photos on Pinterest, creating fantasy homes in my head, but deep down I know that there are certain "house truths" that will always define my style.

1. I'm an unstyler.
Styling is something I've struggled with for years. Let's face it, I'll never be able to rock a mantel like Emily Henderson. And my bookcases will never look as well composed and pulled together as Kate's.  My style is more walk-around-the-house-and-gather-objects-of-similar-tones-and throw-them-together-and-hope-it-works. To some, it might look cluttered. But to me, it just feels easy. I have learned to just pile things together and walk away. It doesn't need to look perfect. It just needs to feel right.

My unstyled mid-winter vignette. Basically, its a collection of things that weren't packed away with the Christmas decorations.
2. Every room needs a DIY.
You know that saying "every room needs a touch of black"? That's how I feel about DIY. DIYs make me happy. They add personality. They tell you something about the person living in that space. DIYs are the freckles of your house - that quirky thing that people remember. Don't fight the freckles. Celebrate them!

One of my earliest DIYs and still one of my favourites. It continues to hang in our kitchen today!
3. Good bones make great rooms.
To me, a naked room, a room free of decor and furnishings, can be a beautiful thing. Maybe Sean's architect eye has rubbed off on me but it's the architectural details which really make my heart skip a beat. Beautiful trim and moulding, thoughtful built-ins, spectacular flooring or tile, an efficient layout... I'd take those things over fabrics and furniture any day.
A stunning naked room. Source unknown.

4. Transitional suits me best.
I recently had the chance to work alongside a few other bloggers on a special project (you'll have to wait for it to be revealed!) What I really enjoyed was seeing our individual styles come out. I always gravitate to the transitional: traditional looks with a hint of contemporary style. Classic shapes like Chloe's tufted bench rendered in a crisp modern fabric appeal to me. When faced with a design choice, I crave the familiar, the tried and true and choose materials like marble which have stood the test of time.

Chloe's bench with aqua legs we painted to match the walls

That's what I love about interior design - you can really make your house a true reflection of you.

Tell me, what are some of your house truths?

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