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Hanging Mason Jar Lantern

by - Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Are you still a fan of mason jars? They're everywhere, aren't they? I'm sure mason jars account for 32% of all projects on Pinterest. Ha!

When I had to come up with a DIY project for my Canadian Tire CANVAS outdoor room, mason jar lanterns came to mind. They're a perfect complement to an outdoor meal: adding candlelight on the table, lining the stairs or pathways, or hang them off the fence or overhead to add a cozy glow. Mason jar lanterns aren't a new idea but I have a few tips that will have your lanterns looking stylish well into the night.

- 500 ml mason jar
- Paper tying twine
- Aquarium substrate
- Votive candle

  1. Remove the mason jar lid. 
  2. Fill the jar with 3/4 cup aquarium substrate. (Tip: a huge bag of substrate will cost <$20 from the pet store and you can use it for a wide variety of projects. It can mimic snow (like this) or sand and it looks great in clear glass containers.)
  3. Place the votive candle in the jar.
  4. Wrap the twine three times around the mouth of the jar. Cut the twine. 
  5. Take the ring part of the lid and tie two strong knots on opposite sides of the ring, leaving enough loose twine in the middle to form the arch which the lantern will hang on. (Note: I used this San Diego jam knot which is both decorative and strong, using 4 turns instead of 6). Cut off any excess twine above the knots. 
  6. Attach the ring lid to the jar, forcefully holding the knots in place so that they remain on opposite sides as you twist down the ring. Light your candle and enjoy. 
Another tip: using paper twine instead of regular twine ensures that the arch stays upright and looks nice even when it's not in use. I can't wait to bring these lanterns out to the porch for warm summer nights.

P.S. Here's another favourite mason jar project!

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