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The Love List

by - Friday, March 20, 2015

Let's start the weekend with flowers, shall we? Tulips are my favourites. I love getting fresh blooms this time of year! I'm headed to the Canada Blooms show this weekend too to get inspiration for spring outdoor projects.

5 Tips for Shooting Interiors

It's no pegboard, but slat board is useful too

Melissa has created a new site that hopes to bring back some of that old-school blogging community feeling. I hope it succeeds!

Get thee to sleep

If you watch Love It Or List It or Property Brothers, you might be familiar with how houses look - and how very expensive they are - here in my hometown of Toronto. Here's what $1 Million can buy in my city. The answer: not much. Sidenote: this is why watching Fixer Upper makes me want to up and move to Texas on a weekly basis.

Pretty open shelving in the bathroom

How to hang fake shiplap. We did a similar thing with our basement plank wall.

There's something calming about these styled photos

Inexpensive and stylish party tips

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