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Dollar Store Flower Bouquet

by - Monday, April 13, 2015

Chloe's birthday is tomorrow. Tomorrow! How could my little baby be turning six already? We're not having her party though for another few weeks because I was the mom that didn't get her act together enough to book a venue beforehand. #momfail

We usually have her parties at home, but this year, we're going to have a splatter paint party (thanks Avery and Elaine for the suggestion!). But, you know, I can't have a party without having a few DIY touches so I've put my spin on the party theme and made it a "Parisian Art Party".

That means I'm incorporating many artsy and French elements... berets, black & white striped decor, canvases and easels. There will be macarons as well :) When I think of Parisians though, I also picture pretty French girls riding on bicycles with flowers in their baskets so I thought it would be fun to give each of our guests their own spring bouquet to take home.

Really, this is nothing more than a dollar store flower wrapped in pretty paper, but it really kind of exemplifies my approach to DIY and decorating and renovating in general: the details make all the difference. With a little imagination you can take something as simple as a dollar store flower and make it look beautiful.

I've made yet another video! I'm really having fun exploring this new medium and seeing how it can add to the blog so I hope you enjoy it. The last few frames are my favourite ;)

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