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Scallop Patterns in Home and Fashion

by - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Once in a while, I become obsessed with a pattern. For a long time it was chevron (just like every other design blogger!). Herringbone is also a favourite too, especially in tiles. Then there's the classic stripe which will never go out of style. More recently though, scallops are my thing.

I have been spotting this sweetly shaped pattern everywhere. From fashion to home decor, scallops add a hint of nostalgia and retro appeal.

scallop pattern trend in home decor and fashion

I like how scallops are feminine without being too cutesy. I tried to buy the shorts last weekend but sadly, my size was already sold out! I bought myself the clutch (it has a cute blush pink liner!) as a consolation.

Looking around my house, I realized I already have a few scallops here and there. There's the scalloped awning I made for the playhouse under the stairs, the scalloped stitch on the 5 minute pillow, this DIY scalloped tray and of course the scalloped shingles on the doghouse. Funny what you notice when you really look.

DIY scallop pouch using Frog Tape Scallop pattern

I received this pouch from a media event for Too Fifteen recently. It's made of Tyvek which is a material that looks and feels like paper but is waterproof and durable. It needed a little something so I pulled out the scallop Frog Tape and craft paint and added a touch of whimsy. Scallops seem just right at this time of year. Swingy and fresh. And they remind me of beach waves!

What can I scallop next - a plain lampshade? A picture frame mat? A mug? Something tells me you'll be seeing more scallops around here soon.

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