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The Love List

by - Friday, July 17, 2015

I've started to collect inspiration images for the new cottage. And I will probably change my mind a million times, but so far this photo has made the cut.

Dissecting what you like. Useful!

How to own the room. P.S. That Ann Cuddy TED talk is a good one.

I'm a fan of this DIY bedside sconce

On the biz side of things, we announced this talented lady as Keynote Speaker of BlogPodium. I'm sooo excited to hear her talk about her blog, business, and social media. Care to join me? Here's a special discount just for my readers: Use code RAMBLINGRENO10 on checkout.

"My home is less than perfect, and I am even less so"

Blog trend: DIY framed botanicals are everywhere

The work of these young geniuses is impressive

So fun! Amelia made yesterday's recipe for dinner

A year long shopping ban. Could you do it?

Courtney's cozy patio looks so inviting

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