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Easy Summer DIY Ice Cream Bar

by - Monday, August 24, 2015

As the summer winds down, I find myself trying to squeeze every last minute of summer fun out of it.   That means staying out late, eating outdoors as often as we can, and indulging in those treats the warm weather brings like ice cream! Chloe has been obsessed with ice cream lately - ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, popsicles - she loves it all. I thought it would be fun to surprise her with a DIY ice cream bar.

easy summer diy ice cream bar

Earlier this summer, I took a getaway with President's Choice and had the chance to try their ice cream toppings. I knew they would have just what I would need to put this easy and simple DIY ice cream bar together. It literally came together in five minutes!

president's choice ice cream bar

- choice of ice cream. Love the PC Elk Crossing ice cream!
- mini waffle bowls
- chocolate syrup
- chopped up toppings. We had strawberries, peaches, crushed graham crackers, PC sugar cone topping, bananas, granola, and marshmallows.

mini waffle bowls

mini waffle bowls with ice cream

Put the toppings in a muffin tin for easy serving and let your guests at it! Kids and adults alike will enjoy customizing their desserts. And the mini waffle bowls are the perfect size to hold one scoop of ice cream so if you can't decide what ice cream flavour or toppings you want, why not have two? :)

muffin tin ice cream toppings

By the time we finished our ice cream, the sun had set and we were sitting under blankets to keep warm. Summer, I'm going to miss you.

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