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The Cottage Diaries: Choosing the Finishes

Things are underway at our new build cottage and it's all I can think about lately! Construction has started which means it was time to pick out the finishes. Fun!! I find this part of the process so exciting but nerve-wracking too. We plan on having this cottage for a very long time so we wanted to pick finishes that we won't tire of too soon. Easy, right?

When I start to design or decorate a room, I head to Pinterest. I gather images that convey the feeling I want to create in our lakeside cottage. The ones I'm drawn to, like this one, all seem to share a few things in common: light floors, white walls, and white cabinetry. Using that inspiration made our first few choices fairly easy:

country oak van gogh flooring

I really love this flooring. A bit grey, a bit taupe, a bit washed out... it reminds me of driftwood. The berber carpet (going in the bedrooms and loft) carries the same tones and is very neutral and should work with whatever furniture we choose.

glendale white cabinetry

Simple white headboard cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms were a must.

star white quartz

I was a bit unsure of this quartz for the kitchen and bathroom countertops. It looked a tad green in the showroom and was more beachy in feel than the other choices. In the end, we decided we wanted the cottage to be completely different in look and feel from our city home so we went with it.

driftwood cottage finishes

Here's how it's looking all together. We might change the black knob for something more ornate but this is the general direction. Baby steps!

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