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A New Window Changes Everything

by - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

That might be a bold statement to make, but in our case, a new window really has changed everything.

We've had an exciting last few days with the Pella Windows and Doors team here to replace our terrible front window. This window, which was one of our biggest design regrets, now tops our best home improvements list. I can't believe how much brighter, fresher, and bigger the room feels now!

It all started with Paul and Sandro from Pella taking less than half an hour to remove the shutters, window and framing. For some reason, I expected the demolition to be more destructive but it was quiet, clean, and quick!

Hello giant hole at the front of my house.

Installation went really smoothly. We went with three casement windows which came in one large piece. The installers were meticulous, careful in moving the new window and exact in its placement. They filled in gaps with spray foam to ensure proper insulation and were diligent in cleaning up as they went along. Nail holes were filled with putty and touched up with paint. I've never seen a cleaner job site!

You know how we love trim and moulding so I appreciated their attention to detail. We had provided Pella a sample of the trim we used throughout the house and they sourced it from the lumberyard so this window has the exact same trim as our other windows. They also installed an apron piece which had a curvier profile than what we had before and was more suited to the space. And did you notice the hardware? The window crank handles fold away when not in use for a cleaner look. The window locks are durable and make a nice clicking sound to let you know everything is secure. It's those little details that matter.

It was like the window was there all along. I am really happy with the simple grid pattern but it can be removed if we change our mind and just want to have plain windows to match the uppers. The windows are very impressive and they catch your eye as you walk down the street. I wasn't sure how the exterior window casing would turn out, but it has a flat simple profile that is that mix of modern and traditional I love so much.

But the most exciting part of course is how these windows function. The Designer Series window has shades in between the glass and with the Insynctive technology option, operates via remote control. The system is solar powered and if you look closely you can see the solar panel at the bottom of each window. The panel is unobtrusive and we're really enjoying the convenience of adjusting the shades with the click of a button. Have a look:

I like that little wobble at the end, which ensures all the blind louvers sit flat in between the glass. We can also tilt the louvers up and down to adjust for light or privacy. 

The window couldn't have come at a better time. Fall days are meant for throwing the windows open and letting the crisp air in. 

The window has made a huge impact on the exterior and the enjoyment of our home. I can't thank Pella enough for partnering with me on this project. The only problem is that the new window highlights the fact that we need to repaint and freshen up the paint around the door and upper windows. Home improvement work is never done!


Learn more about Pella's Insynctive technology here:

This is a sponsored project written by me on behalf of Pella Windows and Doors . The opinions and text are all mine.

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