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One Kitchen Change You Need To Make For Fall

One thing I dislike in our small kitchen is clutter. I don't like having too many things out on the counter or dishes not put away. Our galley kitchen isn't that big so things need to be kept nice and neat.

I've been enjoying the new espresso machine but the kitchen set up needed to be better. In the fall, the kitchen gets a lot of use as I make hot drinks. Lattes, hot chocolate, tea... I'll have one or two each day. But coffee cups were in one overhead cabinet, sugar and toppings were in another and my teacups were all the way over in the living room hutch. What good are pretty tea cups if you never use them, right?

So I corralled everything in a tray - mugs, teacups, espresso cups, marshmallows (these pumpkin spice ones from Butter Baked Goods are heavenly!) - and it has made our kitchen much more efficient. Who knew giving up counter space would actually make things easier?

I added the little chalkboard sign, the pretty straws and wooden spoons and the tiny mason jars holding cinnamon and cocoa for cuteness. It will be handy to have this hot beverage station throughout the holidays as we entertain more. What would you like - espresso? Latte macchiato? I've got you covered ;)

As a bonus, I recently picked up some takeout cups at the dollar store. Now, I make Sean a cappuccino to enjoy on his commute to work. I think I just won Wife of the Year, ha!

I also changed out the art in the kitchen for this wintry painting I found at the thrift store. If that doesn't make you want to dig into a hot drink, I don't know what will.

Do you have a beverage station in the kitchen? I've seen them in many kitchens and often thought they were impractical, but I've found the opposite is actually true!


Disclosure: I received a Saeco Moltio Carafe for review. All opinions are my own.

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