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A Black And White Guest Bedroom Plan

by - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Did you have a good Easter? We ended up hosting and had 15 people crammed around our tiny table. I made a pork roast (for the first time ever!) and despite my sister giving me the wrong cooking instructions, the roast survived and tasted delicious. Sadly, the accompanying roasted veggies did not, ha!

We used the extra long weekend to get work done on the guest bedroom. Do you remember the days when bloggers used to document every single step instead of just springing a grand reveal? I've been terrible at taking photos of the progress but I finally settled on a design direction so thought I'd share the plan with you:

black and white guest bedroom with natural wood accents and crystal chandelier |

This room really showcases what I'm loving these days: dark metals, soft whites, and natural wood accents. I think guest bedrooms should feel special and a bit luxurious but not super glam like you might do in a master bedroom.

The star of the show is really the metal bed. I purchased it on and it was very quick and easy to put together and looks fantastic. I have to say it's a strange experience to have a bed arrive in boxes and delivered to your door though! I also purchased the spool nightstand. That was a bit more challenging to assemble but the table looks great. It's going to the cottage eventually but I thought I'd try it out in the guest bedroom for now.

On the bed will be a few of my current favourites. The buffalo check pillow is courtesy of Tonic Living. You knew I had to have it in the room somewhere ;) It too might be destined for the cottage but I love it so much that I couldn't resist using it now. I'm planning to pair it with toss pillows in blue velvet and Schumacher Hollyhock. Tonic Living also has some new ticking stripe fabric that I think would be good for the built-in bench curtains (you an see the bench here).

I'd love to have new art in the room and this beach print from Minted is a contender. I love photography and this print evokes a feeling of escape which seems right for a guest bedroom. It might change though. I can be indecisive about art!

To bring some glam to the room, I'll reuse the circle mirror we used to have hanging in our living room and add a new crystal chandelier. I'll contrast that with rougher, natural textures like the small baskets. I'd prefer something rectangular in shape but love the black stripe accent (definitely DIY-able).

Speaking of DIY, there is one project I hope to tackle: a tufted French mattress. I've long had this perfect window seat by Lauren Liess in my inspiration files:

I'd love to update the existing bench cushion with tufts and rolled edges and I think it would really suit the new decorating scheme better. Wish me luck. Finding time to DIY is a challenge these days!

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