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Brand Design: Wildwood Cottage

by - Thursday, March 31, 2016

A brand design for the cottage? Why not! Okay, here's where I get a bit geeky and have some fun in photoshop.

I love seeing how blog designs or brand designs come to life... the pairing of fonts, the colour palette, the patterns and inspiration images which together form a visual identity.

The cottage has a name but I thought it would be fun to give it a brand as well. So what is the cottage brand? It's
- retro
- summery
- country chic
- nostalgic

I really want to use the logo as a decal on the front door. We have decals all over our house and I think it will work well in a country setting too:

Since we'll be letting friends and perhaps renters use our cottage that it would be fun to have something branded. Maybe even something just as small as the key tag holding the cottage keys? The logos feel like a monogram, which is a trend I see making a big comeback.

Are you a fan of monograms? Do you have anything monogrammed in your home?

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