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Catching Up with Steven Sabados

It's difficult not to think about Steven Sabados without thinking about his long-time business and romantic partner, Chris Hyndman. I had met them years ago when they hosted a blogger day on their show Steven and Chris. This charming and handsome couple had the audience laughing, and we were instantly smitten with their chemistry and charisma.

Chris' sudden passing in August last year was a shock to the local design community and a grieving Steven coped by staying out of the public eye for the past year. And so when I was invited to a preview of the new S&C Collection, I was curious: would this new collection bring the same masculine glamour the pair was known for? How would it change, with just Steven to bring the vision forward? But also, how was Steven doing? Having watched him since his CityLine days in the 1990's, Steven felt like someone I knew (but not really) and I was sad for his sadness.

The collection is quietly stunning. Steven has found a way to carry that signature S&C style through each of the lighting, furniture, rugs and accessories. My own personal taste has moved towards a simple and less refined style over the years, but this made me want to embrace glamour all over again.

I loved the use of metals, from the brass corner braces and stately legs of the desk to the hefty frame of the lanterns and lighting. Some of the pieces seemed over-scaled and brought a sense of drama to the setting. How fabulous was this styling? Go bold with a single lantern or impress with a cluster of orbs.

The Birds of a Feather chandelier was a standout piece. Reminiscent of a bird cage, this light fixture pairs the trendy exposed bulb look with a matte black frame that would look just right in today's farmhouse inspired interiors.

Still decidedly masculine, the collection included textural, earthy pieces as well. The burnished metals and rustic touches speak to the trend Steven notes of homes incorporating more organic styles.

Steven was most excited about the rugs in the collection. From antique kilims to vibrant silk rugs made from recycled saris, the rugs had great texture and colour. Also coming soon: a custom rug program available online where you'll be able to select from 50 different patterns and choose the colours and materials to make the rug truly personalized to suit your home.

I asked Steven if he had a favourite piece in the collection and he said it was this sofa. "Chris loved blue and always wanted the pillows to be solid and match. No mixing of patterns". With the slight chrome foot detail, this sofa has classic good looks yet feels timeless and modern. A nod to the past certainly, and a sign of a bright future ahead.

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