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DIY Garage Organization

by - Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Are you ready for spring? I'm convinced the snow is behind us and we can look forward to warmer days and finally make progress on some home projects. But before we can get working inside, we had to get the workshop ready outside.

DIY garage organization

Sorry for the iphone photo but not much will make this room much prettier! I don't have a Before photo of the garage but just picture a blank brick wall. While flurries and cold winds swirled outside, Sean worked to build himself a workbench. I know he can do this kind of thing but to see him build something out of nothing, no plans or anything written down, is still impressive. It's functional, looks good, and has little wastage. Seriously, Sean is fanatical about building efficiently. Those studs perfectly spaced to hold a 4'x8' sheet of pegboard? Not an accident.

If the garage looks a little familiar, it's because he's channeled our old beloved garage just a bit:

DIY garage organization

That old garage had it's fair share of organizing tricks and Sean will be reusing a few them in our new home. He's already made improvements on the design:
- undercounter area sized to store large tools (air compressor and power washer) 
- room for a slim garbage can
- new electrical outlets
- room on the shelving to store the chop saw so it doesn't always have to sit on the counter
- wood slats instead of full plywood for the shelving below the counter. This will allow sawdust and debris to fall through to the floor where it can be swept up

There's still more to come. The area to the right of the pegboard will be filled with plywood and will be used to create a charging station. Sean will mount a power bar and have shelves to hold the rechargeable batteries and power tools for our Ryobi One+ system. He'll also build a shelf above the pegboard for more storage overhead. I'll add my touch too... I really think the pegboard needs a decal or some sort of signage, don't you? Now I just have to find my Cricut machine. Yes, it's still in a moving box, ha!

We have some fairly big spring projects planned so it's great to have this room organized. I can't wait to tell you more about those projects soon!

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