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A Giant List of DIY Home Renovation Tips

Does it seem crazy to you that I've been blogging now for 11 years? It seems crazy to me! And in all that time we've been renovating.

DIY home renovation, home projects for beginners, DIY home projects, DIY remodel

I realize that we've done ALOT of DIY, home remodel, and home renovation projects over the years and most of those projects are buried deep within the archives of our blog. So, for new followers and faithful readers who might be reading here and would love to see some of our best home renovation tips, I've compiled them into a Giant List of our Best DIY Home Renovation Tips.

We're still renovating (our second home, and our cottage), so I'll continue to add to this list with our latest and greatest lessons learned. But for now, grab this image and save it to your Pinterest board for those days when you're down and dirty and deep in DIY.

DIY home renovation, home projects for beginners, DIY home projects, DIY remodel

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