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One Room Challenge | Week 4 | Doors and Walls and Pretty Packages

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! If you're new here, I'm a Toronto-based blogger with a fondness for traditional architecture, transitional style, and plaid who loves to fix up her new old house, one DIY at a time. 

It's Week 4 of the six week One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home and media partner House Beautiful and we have progress. Hooray! If you're dropping by for the first time, we're working on our master bedroom.

On Week 1, I revealed the dark blue walls and random furniture we'd been living with. In Week 2, I showed you the layout plan and general design direction and Week 3 was all about the furniture and fabric selections. Now we're here at Week 4 and I have some construction progress and more design elements to show you!

First off, packages with the prettiest things have been arriving on my doorstep. I'm very honoured to be able to work with the ORC sponsors and have the chance to incorporate their products into my design. One of those sponsors is Couture Lamps. They are the manufacturers of this stunning blue and white lamp that I used in my ORC living room project last year:

Couture Lamps' products are exquisite and add a certain sophistication and glamour to the room. This year, I'm using a gorgeous pair of malachite resin bookends (shown above) and a pair of these white and gold lamps from their collection. I tend to decorate with more modest pieces but over the years, I've learned the power of having one or two standout elements. These pieces may be a splurge but when used sparingly and in the right context, they can elevate your entire design.

Here's a few more fun things that have arrived. I shared the unboxing of the striped chair on my Instagram. It's from HomePop, a brand I wasn't really familiar with, but I'm so thrilled to have this chair. I thought it was nice online but it is fantastic in person! It has a linen like texture and the chair was very easy to assemble and feels comfortable and sturdy.

The pillow is a reversible one from Pom Pom at Home and the throw is from Rainsford Company. I absolutely love these two sponsors and will certainly be shopping from them again for other rooms in my home.

The basket is from Bellacor and it came in a set of three. This is the middle basket and it is the perfect size to hold the fiddle leaf fig from Home Depot that I am slowly killing, ha! The mirror hanging above is also from Bellacor. I love the size of this one (it's 24") and it's frame which is made of rubber!

So that's the decorating end of things. We've also made progress with construction:

I was so eager to show you this that I didn't even bother sweeping up the floor first ;) But hallelujah, the doors are in!! We used the Masonite Expo™ Heritage® Series Logan™ Moulded Panel Door from Metrie for both the ensuite and closet. Installation was super tricky - that's what happens when you have a slope on the floor and your door frames aren't square - but the installers got the job done.

The doors have yet to be painted but please, can we just for a moment, admire how gorgeous the Metrie door looks paired with the Emtek Hercules lever? I am in love! With the new Metrie door trim and baseboard, and the walls painted in Farrow and Ball's Wimborne White, everything is feeling very chic in here already.

Speaking of chic, I'm dying over this image. In it we have:
- our existing chandelier looking much more glamourous against the warm white ceiling
- the incredible Aranami wallpaper from Farrow and Ball. It's seriously stunning in person!!
- gorgeous artwork "The Match (Horizontal)" by Gray Malin. The white space in this photo (it's of a snow polo match in St. Moritz) makes me instantly more relaxed. I love that the closer you look at the photo, the more the details jump out at you. From the hoof prints on the snow, to how some of the horses appear to be floating in the air, it's a really interesting piece. And,
- my husband rocking his pose ;)

This mix of glamour plus modern pattern, along with the relief provided by the artwork, is what I was hoping for. I wanted a room that felt peaceful yet special... it's almost there!

Now time to check out the progress from the other Featured Designers. Only two more weeks to get it all done!

Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by ORC


Thank you to these amazing sponsors for the use of their products in this project! 

 Bellacor | Gray Malin | MetrieCouture Lamps | Farrow and Ball
Pom Pom At HomeHomePop | Emtek | Rainsford Company

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