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A Summer Clutch

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Do you ever feel the urge to just do something creative? Whether it's baking or gardening or building, you just need to make something with your hands sometimes? I was feeling that way a few days ago so I made a stop at Michaels and headed down to the craft room for some much needed crafting time.

Sorry I didn't take too many photos of the process but here's what I made! (Affiliate links have been used in this post)


Ombre tassels
Straw clutch
Craft paint
Snap hook

1. Open the clutch, flip it over and trace the shape of the lid on a piece of paper.
2. Freehand draw a word or saying
3. Cut out the word shape and use it to trace the word onto the clutch. Since my clutch was very textured, I couldn't get a nice clean line trace. So, I used a blue sharpie to dot along the shape.
4. Use craft paint to connect the dots and paint the word onto the clutch
5. Loop the tassel onto a snap hook. Poke the hook through the clutch to attach the tassel

It was pretty straight forward and here's my summer clutch. Now all I need is for my husband to take me out for a date so I can put this clutch to use ;)

summer straw clutch, a la plage, to the beach,

Have you been crafty lately? What's the last thing you've made just because?

Side note: I know the "a" should be "à". I never was very good at French, ha!

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