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Craft Room Decor at Christmas

by - Thursday, December 06, 2018

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our Christmas living room and dining room yesterday! The holiday decorating continues and today, I'm taking you to where alllll the Christmas magic happens... the craft room!

I'm sharing this as part of the Canadian Bloggers Christmas Home Tour hosted by Shannon of Home Made Lovely and Christina of The DIY Mommy. I might be biased but I think Canadian homes look their best during the holidays so I hope you'll visit the other bloggers linked at the bottom of this post ;). But for now, come on in and have a peek at my craft room decor for Christmas.

craft room bench seat, harvest table, red and blue Christmas decor

craft room decor, christmas craft room, red and blue Christmas decor

Christmas Craft Room Decor

Decorating a craft room for Christmas - or any room, really! - means bringing on all the fun, seasonal details. And in a craft room you can be even more creative. It's a place for whimsy, joy, and colour.

craft room bench seat, half glass door, craft room door, red and blue Christmas decor

I've been anxiously awaiting getting to use this room at Christmastime. We just finished renovating this room in the spring (see the Before) and I knew we would get to enjoy every inch of it during the holidays. I've been dreaming of the day I could be sitting on that bench alongside Chloe, cups of hot chocolate and hot glue gun messes on the table.

Here's my tips for enjoying Christmas in the craftiest room in the house.

1. Use a Colourful Palette

craft room bench seat, harvest table, red and blue Christmas decor

Ikea red and blue Christmas gift wrap

You can see that I've continued our red and blue Christmas decorating scheme in this room as well. It started with the plaid pillows which I found at Ikea. The gift wrap is from Ikea too and it all coordinates so perfectly (of course it does! Ikea, you so smart).

Vibrant colours work exceptionally well in an all-white room. I decorate the main spaces in our home (living room, dining room) in a more classic and understated palette but here, I can let my inner child have fun. The craft room is a great place to put your bright ornaments, nostalgic decor, and not so perfect decorations on display.

2. Treat Your Accessories As Decor

In a craft room, you'll likely have lots of craft supplies and materials out and visible. Give in to the clutter and instead of viewing it as a mess, enjoy it as decor. I keep some of the gift wrap on the table just because. It makes the room more welcoming and invites you to come, play, craft, and create.

cotton bag advent calendar, red and blue plaid Christmas decor

I decided to put Chloe's advent calendar here as well. The little cotton bags strung up on ribbons adds some fun pattern to our shiplap wall. She loves opening a bag every morning and seeing what surprises the day will hold.

cotton bag advent calendar, red and blue plaid Christmas decor

black and white cabinetry, a craft room decorated for Christmas

black and white cabinetry, a craft room decorated for Christmas

3. Add Seasonal Accents

I like to keep this room fairly clear of clutter - we need the room for crafting - but I couldn't resist displaying just a few seasonal accents. The open shelves we put on this wall are just right for showcasing a few holiday treasures.

open shelving, wood shelves with whimsical Christmas decorations

Some of our more whimsical accessories feel right at home here. Nutcrackers, penguins, mini ornaments. Even Chloe's LEGO cabin house fits right in.

DIY unicorn ornaments

5. Time to Create!

The best way to make your craft room come alive? Get in there and use it!

This week, Chloe opened Advent bag #4 and our activity was to "Make an ornament". We made these three unicorn ornaments and at the end of the night as I tucked Chloe into bed, she said "Mom, that was the best night ever!".

Getting to sit in this room, in our pjs, with a glittery gluey mess all around us, is just what I hoped for. I hope this room, and the time we spend in it, will be part of her favourite Christmas memories too.

red and blue craft room, craft room Christmas decorations, harvest table

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