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Spring Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Home

by - Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What's your favourite season? Mine is spring. I get excited at the idea of shedding heavy winter layers and giving everything—my home, my wardrobe, my daily routine—a fresh update.

I especially look forward to redecorating, as the long months of winter can leave your home feeling dark, tired, and closed in. Spring is the perfect time to clear out the clutter and liven things up. You don’t have to break the bank either; simple tweaks and inexpensive changes can make your home feel like new. I've partnered with Indigo to share these spring-happy ideas here and you can also find this post on the Indigo Inspired blog. Here are five quick and easy spring cleaning tips to refresh your home for the season.

Add Flowers and Greenery 

Adding fresh flowers or greenery to a space is an instant mood-booster. You can find an abundance of flowers and plants in stores this time of year, from garden centres to local florists to grocery stores. Even a simple pot of hydrangeas can uplift a room and bring a welcome hit of colour.

Do you have a black thumb like I do? I often feel more optimistic at the beginning of the year, so I’ll take a chance and bring home a few new plants to try to keep alive. It's a good time to take advantage of the bright sunlight streaming in and fill your home with living accents. Many plants have air-purifying properties, too. Open the windows and let the fresh air in.

Shop Your Home 

Shopping your home and reusing what you already have is a great way to stay on budget, and infuse new life into tired objects. You don’t need to bring in all new décor to refresh your home. Instead, take a stroll around your place and move objects from room to room. Think about how you could display your accessories in an unexpected and unique way.

I like to redecorate the bookcases in our living room based on the season. For spring, I love to work with softer colours and lighter accessories. You can use a variety of objects to create a shelfie, including books, artwork and interesting objects. This is also a great area to incorporate flowers, whether they’re real or faux. They add movement and texture to your display.

Not sure where to start when putting together a display or vignette? Gather all the accessories you have in one or two colours and display them as a group. Sticking to a defined colour palette has impact and is an interesting way to show off a collection.

Change Out Your Textiles 

Flannel sheets, wool throws, faux fur pillows—my winter décor is all about heavy and warm textiles so when spring rolls around I’m ready to lighten things up. Switching out wool blankets for cotton ones and changing velvet cushion covers for linen blends are simple ways to make your home feel spring-ready.

Spring home décor is about using more delicate patterns as well. The buffalo check patterns and dark hues of winter give way to ticking stripes, soft pastels and florals. And sometimes less is more—instead of a sofa overflowing with cushions, try one or two decorative pillows for a fresh look. 

Declutter and Organize 

In January, I challenged myself to declutter a space in my home, every day for 30 days. I’ve never focused so intently on spring cleaning before, and it was the best idea ever. Now when I open drawers, things don’t spill out. I am also able to find items in our craft room, because now everything has a place. There’s a calmness and openness in our home that wasn’t there before.

Decluttering your home can make it feel more spacious without having to add square footage. But it can be overwhelming – where do you start when everything is disorganized? Start with just one room, or even just one drawer. Organizing and storage solutions help. In my home office, I use a variety of trays and bins to keep things neat and tidy. The simple act of finding an envelope, or refilling the printer paper is now stress-free because everything has a home. It’s amazing how clearing out the clutter can revitalize a tired space.

Layer In Scent 

When you think of spring cleaning, what comes to mind? Apart from images of clean kitchens and tidy closets, I think of scent. A clean home not only looks clean, it smells fresh, too. Whether you’re bringing in flowers, lighting scented candles, or trying a new oil in your diffuser, scent is a powerful way to change the feeling of your home. I like to switch to lighter fragrant notes in the spring time and will change out our hand soaps, my desktop candle, and linen sprays to different blends.

But let’s be honest, spring cleaning does involve a lot of deep scrubbing, too. We’ve made the switch to more natural cleaning products recently, so we feel good about the job they’re doing, in addition to their pleasant scent. Nothing brings happiness more than walking into a room that smells like fresh lemons.

With these five, easy spring cleaning tips, my home feels refreshed and ready for the season ahead. Are you ready to tackle yours?

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