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One Room Challenge Week 5: A Bathroom Renovation Still In Progress

by - Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! If you're new here, I'm a Toronto-based, plaid-loving blogger who's intent on fixing up her city colonial and her country cottage, one DIY at a time.

Here's the facts: we're heading into the last week of the One Room Challenge and there still is much to do to get this bathroom renovation finished in time for a grand reveal next Thursday. SO. VERY. MUCH.

Let's revisit that To Do list from last week. Here's where we are today:
  • install shower tile
  • install full wall of vanity tile
  • install 2.5 walls of panelling
  • install floor tile
  • install mirror and DIY mirror frame
  • install wall sconces
  • install shower fixtures
  • paint ceiling
  • paint panelling
  • install vanity
  • install faucet
  • hang shelves
  • hang art
  • install hooks, towel ring, and toilet paper holder
  • install toilet
Plus, a few more things I forgot to put on the list:
  • grout shower tile
  • grout vanity tile
  • grout floor tile
  • install door casing
  • install window casing
  • install roman blind
  • hang shower curtain
  • install new door handle
  • change recessed lighting baffles to white 
  • cut vanity bottom for laundry chute
You'll notice that not very many things have been checked off the list. And that all these photos were taken late at night because those are the kind of hours we're keeping now.


I know the One Room Challenge is not a race, and it doesn't really matter if we don't meet the deadline, but it feels so darn good to get this project done in time that we're going to give it our all.

Let's celebrate what we have done so far though!

The floor tile is in and it is looking SPECTACULAR.  It is just the right blend of modern (the graphic pattern) and classic (the marble). We used a medium tone grey non-sanded grout, Platinum by Polyblend, to make everything cohesive. I think a whiter grout would have made the floor feel even more chaotic whereas a darker grout would have made the black pieces blend in too much.

We didn't notice that one of the mosaic sheets had a mislaid colour until we had set everything. But we decided to leave it as is instead of trying to take it out and risking ruining the other tiles. As we say, "many will see but few will notice"

Then there's the subway tile in the shower niche...

... and behind the vanity mirror.

We actually adhered the mirror directly to the drywall; the subway tile runs alongside the mirror but not behind it. The reason for this was that the arms on the sconces going above the mirror were shorter than I thought. The mirror has a pretty deep frame at the top and in order for the sconces to clear it, the mirror had to sit 'recessed' on the drywall. The sconces will sit proud of the mirror, at a depth equal to the depth of the panelling + the depth of the subway tile (since the panelling sits on top of the tiles).

Did that just make your head spin?

It's all of the little details -  how trims work together, the proportions of materials in relation to one another, how things intersect and are layered - which take a design from looking DIY to looking professionally installed.

It's always worthwhile to spend the time planning these small details. No word of a lie, Sean and I just spent a good 25 minutes debating whether the window should have an apron beneath it or a flat piece of panelling. You'll find out if we made the right decision in just a week ;)

I guess there's lots of things you'll see in a week because that's the extent of the progress I have to show you, ha!

Now go check out what the rest of the guest participants for the One Room Challenge have been up to. Hopefully they are further ahead than we are!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Canada. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. Thank you for supporting the brands whose quality products I bring into my own home.

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