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The Love List (Week 300)

by - Friday, October 11, 2019

This entire portfolio is so inspiring!

Such a cute and cheery closet

Two favourite flavours in one

Stefanie's Halloween decor never disappoints

I'm tempted to get this for the guest bedroom. I think Americana decor (traditional quilts, spool furniture) is coming back in a big way

I love all the textures in this bedroom. The rug is my favourite!

I am OBSESSED with this podcast. Sean and I have been listening to it together and it always provokes an interesting conversation between us afterwards. I was fascinated by the mother-son dynamic in this episode and this one was a compelling story.

My kind of modern kitchen

A cute poncho sweater (and it's 40% off)

Decorating inspiration for fall

I know I've shared this house before, but it's just SO good that I need to share it again

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