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How to Plan A Remodel - One Room Challenge Week 2

It's Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and things are moving along well here at Casa Rambling Renovators. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen real-time progress of this project. Last week, I shared the (very red) guest bedroom that we'll be remodelling along with some of the How's and Why's of the decorating process. The first step was walking through the The Decorating Dilemma and assessing our time, money and energy to set priorities and figure out which home projects to take on. Having decided the guest bedroom was the next on our To Do list, we moved into planning mode. Whether you're planning a grand kitchen renovation or small bathroom makeover, every successful home remodelling project starts with a plan. 

Welcome & thanks for stopping by! If you're new here, I'm a Toronto-based blogger and plaid enthusiast who mixes DIY with traditional design. Catch up on Week 1 and see my previous ORC projects here.

How To Plan A Remodel

Starting a remodel or renovation project can be daunting, especially if you've never tackled one before. But even if you are a pro at home projects, there's bound to be things you'll need to learn and challenging situations to face with each new project. Having a home remodel project plan can help you overcome those hurdles and keep your project on track. 

Your project plan should consist of a few different components:
  1. Current state checklist: An overview of the space including measurements, a sketch of the current layout, and a description of what you want to change
  2. Design plan: A mood board or plan for what the final room design will look like. This would include furniture layout, decor choices, and paint colours
  3. Work Breakdown and Timeline: An outline of the steps required to complete your project, including timelines and resources required for each step 
  4. Budget: A list of the expenses associated with each phase of the project
I'll be discussing each of these components over the next four weeks AND sharing free printables to help YOU with your next remodel or renovation project.

Current State Checklist

First up is the Current State checklist. Let me share the one I created for this project:

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You can see that this remodelling project isn't too complicated. There's a lot of things that don't work with this room and a lot of things we need to DIY. Having that clearly stated on this checklist helped us to see the scope of the work that needed to be done. As well, putting your thoughts on paper helps ensure you don't miss anything. Even with this 'easy' project, I forgot that I needed to order handles for the closet doors!

We've already made headway on some of our DIY projects. The old closet has been torn out as well as the door and window trim and baseboards. We've been replacing the trim upstairs as we remodel each room one by one and I'm happy to say this is the last room to do.

We also managed to put in the new IKEA closet. Here's the Before:

And this is the After! You'll notice that it looks very similar to Chloe's closet remodel. The design worked so well in her room that we decided to replicate it here with just a few changes. We're still missing shoe storage shelves, and one more drawer for the middle, but this is pretty close to finished.

If you notice, with the new drawers built into the closet, we'll be able to eliminate the need for a free standing dresser in the bedroom. "Insufficient floor space" was one of the things we identified on our Current State Checklist as not working in this space so consider that problem solved.

Planning your next remodel or renovation project? Start your project off right and download this FREE Current State checklist:

Next week, I'll be diving into the next step in the Home Remodel Project Plan - the DESIGN PLAN - but here is a sneak peek!

guest bedroom remodel, guest bedroom design plan, one room challenge guest bedroom, vintage masculine bedroom

The Design Plan is always the most fun part for me so join me next week to hear all the details. Now, go check out the other One Room Challenge projects by the featured designers and guest participants!

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