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A Spring Wreath Basket

spring wreath basket, hanging basket wreath, spring wreathspring wreath basket, hanging basket wreath, spring wreath

Ever so slowly, the snow is melting and things are feeling more like spring. Today, that spring feeling is going to get a boost as I join 25 other bloggers in the Seasonal Simplicity tour hosted by Krista at The Happy Housie. We'll be sharing our spring wreaths and there's sure to be something to inspire you. Be sure to check them out at the end of the post!

While it's nice to have spring door decorations, I thought I would create something that would bring a touch of spring indoors. Here's my Spring Basket Wreath.

spring wreath basket, hanging basket wreath, spring wreath

Hanging Wall Basket

Last fall, I picked up this hanging basket. I wanted something different from your typical round wreath and this fit the bill. I knew it would be a fun accessory to use throughout the different seasons so I'm excited to show you how I have it decorated for spring. I put this together using faux lowers and greenery I already had on hand so this was a $0 project!

Hanging baskets come in a variety of shapes, from round planter baskets to taller book baskets to baskets with long straps and handles. Here's a few baskets that would work for this type of arrangement.

spring wreath basket, hanging basket wreath, spring wreath

How to Make A Hanging Wreath Basket

Making a hanging wreath basket requires few materials and only a little bit of time. You can create this basket and have it ready to hang in just 5 minutes!


  • Hanging basket
  • Greenery
  • Florals
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Foam
  • Ribbon


  1. Create a bow out of the ribbon. Use the floral wire to attach the ribbon to the front of the basket
  2. If your basket is wide, tuck in floral foam to fill the base of the basket. If you find your basket is hanging too wide open, use a u shaped piece floral wire woven through the front and back to keep the opening smaller.
  3. Start with the trailing or large-leafed greenery. Tuck them into the back of the basket and have them spill over the sides of the basket
  4. Add in smaller or accent greenery. Use elements that are more upright and have more structure. Spread them out throughout the arrangement
  5. Add in your florals. If you are using faux floral bouquets, separate them into individual stems. Place the florals in small groupings

spring wreath basket, hanging basket wreath, spring wreath

I've hung this spring wreath in our living room. It provides a nice shot of bright colour in this neutral space and adds texture and dimension. I especially love how it's framed by the moulding. It makes this spring wreath basket look like a living piece of art - but even better, it's faux and I can't kill it with neglect ;) I'm terrible at remembering to water plants! I hope you enjoyed this spring wreath idea!

spring wreath basket, hanging basket wreath, spring wreath


 Today I'm joined by some of my talented blogging friends who are also sharing their DIY Spring Wreath tutorials with you! Be sure to see what they are sharing (and how they made it!) by clinking the links below the images.

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