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An Advent Christmas Tree With Stay At Home Activities

by - Thursday, November 26, 2020

advent christmas tree, advent gift ideas, advent filler

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Hope you have a hearty and healthy celebration. After today, it's full on Christmas preparations. The start of December is just days away and that always seems to catch me by surprise. It feels like I've been eagerly anticipating Christmas since Halloween and then all of a sudden it's December! And with that comes the start of Advent.

Advent Calendar 2020

Counting down the days of Advent is one of our most favourite holiday traditions. I've created an Advent calendar every year for Chloe for the last nine years and use the same numbered cotton bags containing an activity each day we can do together. Some days come with a gift and even with those, I have a few classics that repeat every year. Day 1 is an advent calendar (though this year, sadly, we've switched from a Lego Friends Advent calendar to a tween appropriate Squish Candies calendar) and Day 24 is Christmas pajamas.

advent christmas tree, advent gift ideas, advent filler

advent christmas tree, advent gift ideas, advent filler

I shared a time lapse on Instagram of how I put this tree together and a few people asked me what was inside the bags. Don't tell Chloe, but here's what we'll be doing during the month of December:
advent activities 2020, stay at home advent, advent ideas

All of these activities are stay-at-home friendly too. The items in red correspond to the gifts. There's nothing too expensive. The gifts include a bag of marshmallows, a diary, and a gingerbread village kit. The gifts are fun but we enjoy this tradition because we get to intentionally spend time as a family. It's a chance to slow down and make holiday memories. Even if Christmas is difficult and sad in many ways this year, there's still a silver lining.

advent christmas tree, advent gift ideas, advent filler

I wasn't sure where to hang the bags this year. I've strung them across the window in the past and last year had them in the craft room. Then I had the idea to display them on the Christmas tree we put in Chloe's bedroom. It looks super cute with the micro LED lights and the gifts tucked beneath the tree. Can I trust Chloe though not to peek at the gifts at night? That I'm not so sure of, ha!

advent christmas tree, advent gift ideas, advent filler

Will you be doing an Advent calendar this year? There's still a few days to put one together! Head over to this post from last year if you'd like even more ideas for activities, fillers, and printable number downloads.

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