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Where To Buy Beautilitarian Home Goods

One effect of all this time at home is looking at my surroundings with a critical eye. What works and what doesn't work? What do I need to make home function better and look more attractive? And conversely, what don't I need to be spending my money on?

I admit I was much more free-wheeling with my home purchases previous to the pandemic. I would think nothing of blocking time in my calendar to make a quick trip to HomeSense just to browse the shelves and see what was new. I didn't really need anything but I was entirely open to making a purchase if something caught my eye.

And now? Budgets have been tightened and I've better scrutinized what I really need (if anything). Which brings me to my new mantra: only spend money on Beautilitarian items.

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Beautilitarian Home Goods

As William Morris once said:
Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful


That is essentially the definition of Beautilitarian - products or things that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. One could argue that a Tesla car, this chair, or a Frame TV would be considered beautilitarian products. But the idea of beauty + function can happen at any level. From grand living room sofas to tiny soap dishes, there are beautilitarian goods for every space in your home.

There are lots of shops that offer consistently beautiful and functional goods but that can come at a high cost. It's easy to create stunning pieces out of expensive materials and custom fabrication. But what about mass goods at an affordable price point? Where can you find functional & pretty home accessories on a budget?

Best Budget Beautilitarian Home Goods

Here's my recommended sources for budget friendly sources for pretty and useful home goods. I've highlighted some of my current picks and given tips on key categories for each shop.

H&M Home:

H&M is a reliable source for affordable fashion so it's no surprise that their home products are just as desirable. H&M is my #1 choice for chic home decor at a great price point. Where H&M Home really shines is with their textiles. There's always a pillow cover or duvet set that I'm coveting from their collection.


What can't you find at Amazon? Not much, but it does require some effort to weed through the thousands of listings and find those products that are beautiful. I find that Amazon has many items that are just okay and do the job as intended but they're not my first choice when it comes to aesthetics.

Lucky for you, I've done some of the work. I've put together a category of beautilitarian home products in my Amazon Shop. Amazon is my top choice for kitchenware. Utilitarian objects like a baking sheet and everyday dishes can be beautiful!

beautilitarian home goods on amazon

Studio McGee at Target:

studio mcgee at target

You can a wealth of home products at Target, but the most stylish ones are in the Studio McGee at Target collection. It's a diverse product line but I find that Studio McGee does beautilitarian furniture exceptionally well. I'm excited by their Patio and Garden collection. This Wicker Patio Dining Set, which no doubt is inspired by the designer-favourite Palacek Fritz Rope Side Chair, is sure to be a sell out.


Etsy is another rabbit hole of diverse and plentiful home goods. There's lots to choose from but I find Etsy a great source for attractive eco-friendly cleaning tools, affordable printable art, and custom pieces like lucite hardware and bespoke lighting.

Bed Bath & Beyond:

As the name implies, Bed Bath & Beyond has offerings for all rooms in the home. Their in-house brands One Kings Lane Open House and Bee & Willow are worth checking out. This store is a top pick for small furnishings like this accent cabinet, and kitchen and entertaining products.

There's lots of options for home goods and hopefully I've given you ideas for ones that are functional and beautiful!

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