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Bedroom Ideas for a Tween Girl

by - Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Three things happened over the past week that have reminded me just how fleeting time is: First, the arrival of spring which prompted me to finally ditch the winter greenery in our outdoor urns. Secondly, my daughter's new double bed (so long, twin bed!) arrived. And thirdly, my daughter is officially taller than me and has a larger shoe size.

There's no denying the fact that we now have a preteen in the house. It has taken some getting used to - so many physical and emotional changes happen at the same time - but I am learning to embrace this new stage of life. One thing that is helping is tackling a new project and giving Chloe the tween bedroom she always wanted.

Tween Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

Before I show you the coastal bedroom design I came up with, let me share with you some basic bedroom ideas I've come across for tween girls. There's a bit of a formula with tween girl bedrooms. Call it the influence of TikTok and YouTube, call it peer pressure, but just like with their clothing, there are certain looks that are popular with the tween crowd.

I wouldn't want to create a room that is entirely trendy for my tween, but at this age, I think there's a strong urge to fit in and be "with it". That goes for your room decor too so having a few popular items in your design can help the room be much more appealing to your child. Here are the most popular bedroom ideas for tween girls:
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  • Have room for a sitting area in your tween bedroom? Add a macrame hanging chair, or alternatively a Papasan chair, to bring texture and vintage style. This will be your tween's favourite place to sit and catch up TikTok videos from her friends
  • Time to ditch the cutesy unicorn prints and decorate the walls with modern art. Beach photos, typography (I love this one), and modern colourful abstracts feel fun and age appropriate. Even better, take some of your daughter's art pieces and have them framed and displayed in a gallery wall for a personalized accent
  • Fluffy faux fur pillows bring a touch of sophisticated and cozy style
  • Keep your tween's room contemporary and bright with a pastel hued palette. Light aqua, peach, pink, and white continue to be tween favourites
  • There are no bigger decor trends in tween bedrooms currently than artificial vines and LED fairy lights. Hang the vines along a wall or behind a headboard (tip: use 3M clear mini hooks to hang them individually). For the fairy lights, string them around the perimeter, across the ceiling, or even under the bed. 
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  • Is it time to upgrade from a twin bed? A Full/Double bed or even a Queen bed, if you have room, can make your tween's bedroom feel instant more grown up. Selecting a simple frame ensures that the bed won't look dated and will last them through their teen years and perhaps into their university apartment
  • A letterboard allows your tween a small place for self expression
  • They might be tweens but that doesn't mean they're ready to cast aside their childhood. New stuffed toys (squishmallows are super popular and act as a pillow too!) and old favourite teddy bears can help even the biggest kids feel safe and comforted

As I mentioned in my last post, we're about to embark on a makeover of Chloe's bedroom and make it a more complete bedroom design. We'll be removing the kid-sized furniture, toning down some of the trendy items, and bringing together a sophisticated style.

Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

I challenged myself to complete this bedroom on a budget. I'm not completely on board with the "constant consumption" way of the world today and I have lots of items in my storage room and have furnishings we could repurpose or reuse. Could I create the look I wanted using mostly items we already had?

Here's a look at my mood board for a Coastal Tween Bedroom:

coastal tween bedroom, modern tween bedroom ideas, tween bedroom decor

Coastal Tween Bedroom Decor

Going into this makeover,  we had a few constraints:
 So let me talk through the different elements of this design. 


The Penn Bed from Wayfair is one I've had my eye on for a while. With its whitewash wood and cane accents, it exudes contemporary coastal style. It's a budget version of the classic Harbour Cane Bed from Serena and Lily. As the biggest furniture element in the room, it sets the tone for the space.

Now here's where things get a bit aggravating, if you're interested in this bed for your own. I purchased the bed on Wayfair for $769 CAD/$615 USD. I mentioned the bed here on the blog and in my newsletter, and surprise, the price of the bed drastically increased, likely a result of increased clicks to the product page. The bed is currently priced at $1279 CAD on ($889 USD on the .com site)... an increase of 66% !!!

Like many retailers, Wayfair practices "surge pricing", or increasing the price of a product when they notice an increase in demand. I'm not even sure if YOU will see the same price I do... surge pricing could be related to individual geographies, or IP addresses... I'm not sure. Would I have paid the increased price for the bed? Perhaps not but at the price I paid, I think it's fair.

Desk and Shelves

The Emerson desk from Structube is actually the desk I've been using in my home office. I love it  - it's wide, clean-lined, and has a nice big surface to work on. But it's contemporary style works better with Chloe's new bed so she will be inheriting it and I will get a new desk for my office (preferably one from Facebook Marketplace I can refinish). We plan to hang some narrow picture ledges above the desk. We still have the ones from Chloe's old toddler room so it will be fun to use them again!

Desk Chair: 

The Parsons Striped Dining Chair by Homepop is one of two I received for my One Room Challenge Principal Bedroom makeover. This chair is versatile and comfortable and Chloe used it at her desk over the last year while she was remote learning. She likes it so it stays.


I've had this Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug for almost 7 years. We bought it for our tropical dining room makeover and I continue to be a fan. It's a good size and the natural texture imparts that coastal feel. Natural jute or sisal rugs are a great long term investment. They work in almost any space and add warmth and colour without being overpowering.

Side Table

I liked this Dmitry side table from Wayfair so much I bought it twice. We already had this darker grey one for Chloe's room and use a light grey one in our classic guest bedroom. It's sturdy, the drawers slide nicely, and it has ample storage. The price is excellent and it comes in a variety of colours too.

Throw Pillows and Bedding

The striped pillows are from my favourite pillow store, Tonic Living. I thought they would look great paired with this designer lumbar pillow from Etsy and this white textured duvet cover from Target. Side note: since Target no longer delivers to Canada, I use a mail forwarder Cross Border Pickups to get my Target fix! Read about how to do that in this post.


The faux Areca palm tree and the monstera leaf print add to the breezy feel of this room. Other textural elements like a ceramic planter and woven basket echo the hues found in the caning and jute rug and create warmth.

And that's the plan for this tween girl bedroom. Since we're only switching out furniture and accessories, this makeover should be done in no time. I'm just waiting for a few things to arrive and I should be ready to show you the new room in a week or so!

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