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Vintage Spring Mantel Decor

by - Wednesday, March 10, 2021

It's almost time to turn back the clocks, open the windows, and refresh our homes for spring. I'm eager to update my home for the season, starting with the fireplace mantel. Our living room is one of the most used rooms in our home and the mantel really sets the tone for the space.

Today I'm joining my blogger friends in the Seasonal Simplicity series hosted by Krista at The Happy Housie. We're sharing our mantels (or mantles as they are commonly misspelled!) and I'm delighted to show you my Vintage Spring Mantel Decor.

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The more I decorate my home, the more in tune I become to my personal style. What is that style? It's a clean, minimal yet traditional look. This spring mantel decor is a good example of how I put together a pared down look.

In the past, I've had spring mantels that were colourful with touches of Easter decor, budget friendly looks, and others that looked more lush with a mix of flora and fauna. This one is classic blue and white and vintage.

spring mantel decor, spring mantel ideas, vintage spring decor

Vintage Decor Ideas

How do you decorate with vintage pieces? Start with what you love to collect. For me, that's blue and white pottery. The blue and white jars and vases you see here were all thrifted at stores here and in the country near our cottage. 

They're the perfect vessel for making even a humble houseplant feel special. The bright blues look vibrant against the verdant green leaves of the heartleaf philodendron.

spring mantel decor, spring mantel ideas, vintage spring decor

I've juxtaposed the classic ginger jar with one new piece. This white vase is one of two I received from The Northern Kiln, a new site which features works for sale from potters across Canada. If you're looking to add something unique and handmade to your home, and support local artists, pottery is a wonderful way to do that. This particular piece is made by Iben Overgaard and conveys her aim of Danish simplicity in her work.

I've tucked a simple (dying) branch of baby's breath into the vase... call my florals a metaphor for spring. The dying of one season and the flourishing of another.

spring mantel decor, spring mantel ideas, vintage spring decor

The blue also echoes the other blue accents found around the room. From a pair of blue upholstered armchairs, to blue covered books, it's obvious that blue is one of my favourite colours to decorate with. It looks especially vibrant against the neutral putty walls and mantel painted in Farrow and Ball Ammonite.

Other vintage accents add to the patina and character of this mantel. The pair of candlesticks were inherited from my mother in law. The art is a mix of old and new: the frame is thrifted, and the art is a free download from the National Gallery of Art.

spring mantel decor, spring mantel ideas, vintage spring decor

While the mantel decor may change season to season, the mirror and fireplace screen tend to remain. They do the job and I don't really feel compelled to buy something new. Luckily, with a few different accessories, I can achieve different looks.

This week I'm joining some of my talented blogging friends for the Spring Seasonal Simplicity Series! We're all sharing some inspiring mantel decorating ideas with you! You can see each mantel in more detail by clicking on the links below each image.

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