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The Love List (Week 349)

by - Friday, April 30, 2021

Love the use of light and dark in this kitchen

The puff sleeves on this pastel pink cardi are so cute

Two products that I've come across lately that are blowing my mind: 
  • easy click flooring that can be installed multi-directionally and mixed and matched. Install a herringbone or "carpet" look easily
  • this super fast drywall repair patch. I'm secretly wishing I had a hole in the wall to try it out
I just listened to this podcast and it spoke to me. I am out of alignment in my life on so many levels. Time to make some shifts. Perhaps it will speak to you too.

These plant pots are adorable

A home for the mid century modern lovers

I've been using this lip balm for a while now and I swear it makes my lips look plumper

I'm drawn to the breezy, serenity of this lakehouse

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