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The Love List - Week 384

by - Friday, May 13, 2022

There's so many things to love about this small space but the small scale honed tile might be my favourite

This open concept living room is very pretty. I like the gold mesh fronts on the cabinets

Unique bathroom design ideas. Placing a shelf in the window is so smart when you're short on counterspace!

Tried and true styling tips

I find this home very intriguing. Here's what happens when Colonial architecture + Scandinavian style mix

Speaking of collaborations, this one from Ikea is an interesting one

Fun fact: I wrote my very first blog post 15 years ago (but don't read it. It's terrible, lol!) and I've thought about what I should do with this blog when I tire of it. Here's one OG blogger who is making a shift

Mixing metals in the kitchen is always a good idea

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