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5 Essential Summer Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

And just like that, sunnier days are here! It's still a bit chilly here in Toronto, but I'm all for embracing the summer season and decorating my home with summer decor that feels fresh, breezy, and light. 

Today I'm joining Krista of The Happy Housie and my talented blogging friends to share some gorgeous summer mantel ideas. It doesn't take much to create a beautiful summer mantel. With subtle changes, natural elements, and pops of color, you can create a welcoming look for this time of year. 

I've shared many different fireplace mantel ideas over the year and I've found there are a few great ideas that always seem to work. Whether you're transitioning your spring mantel or decorating a summer fireplace mantel decor for the first time, here's 5 tried and true summer mantel decor ideas. 

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Summer Fireplace Mantel Decor 

1. Define Your Color Palette 

What's your look? Do you embrace farmhouse style with a lot of whites and a rustic mantel? Or is a vintage mantel more your speed with vintage books and vases from the thrift store? Perhaps a quintessential beachy mantel with a straw hat, blue bottles and washed wood tones feels just right. 

No matter your personal style, start by defining your color palette. You can decorate with a single color for a monochromatic look or add one or two accent colors for a fireplace mantle that feels interesting and layered. 

summer mantel decorating ideas, summer fireplace mantel decor, summer fireplace

Here, I've gone with a weathered coastal kind of feel for my simple summer living room. The deep blues in the ship painting, accent chair and little vase add a watery feel. The amber glass and dark wood frame remind me of boat hulls and bits and pieces of wood that wash ashore. 

When you're in need of decorating inspiration, picking bright colors that resonate with you is a great place to start. Start with a clean slate and gather your favorite pieces in colors that you're drawn to and see if you can pull together a pleasing look. 

2. Add Fresh Greenery 

Added greenery is a must-have in my favorite summer mantels. You can use real or faux greenery but in the summer months, why not opt for the fresh flowers and plants that are in season? 

My hydrangeas haven't bloomed yet so I've used faux stems in this arrangement. I've also added my (thriving!) rubber tree plant to the base of the fireplace surround. It not only hides the brassy fireplace screen but the moody green leaves also pair beautifully with the dark blue and amber hues in the rest of my summer décor. 

To keep things light, I've placed the plant in a water hyacinth basket which adds texture and brightness. You can use your plant vessels to bring out your color scheme and enhance the theme of the rest of the decor. For instance, with a farmhouse decor mantel, I'd opt to place my greenery in blue mason jars or wooden crates. Creative plant pots are a great way to add personality to your summer fireplace mantel decor. 

summer mantel decorating ideas, summer fireplace mantel decor, summer fireplace

3. Create A Focal Point 

Your fireplace will naturally command attention in your family room or living room, but to really create a strong focal point, place a single large object at the center of your fireplace decor. This can be a large mirror or oversized art. Vintage treasures like an old window or wheel can work too. 

My shield mirror never fails to be the star of the show. It's unexpected yet simple shape draws your eye in. I'm a fan of symmetry so I arrange the rest of the decor on each side of the mantel for a pleasing, balanced look. 

summer mantel decorating ideas, summer fireplace mantel decor, summer fireplace

4. Mix Textures 

What's my favorite way to make your mantle decor look appealing? By bringing in different textures. Shiny and matte. Smooth and textured. Soft and hard. Think of using different textures in your summer vignette ideas. In my display, I have a shiny glazed pitcher, vintage mini crocks and glass candle jars. I've paired this with the faux textured rattan plant pot, wicker basket, and woven throw on the chair. 

There's variety in the greenery as well. The soft fluffy petals of the hydrangea stems contrast with the spiky, free flowing leaves of the faux fern. There's much inspiration to be found in mixing and matching your plants and flowers. 

5. Use Different Shapes and Heights 

It's easy to get in a rut when you're decorating and use too much of the same thing. Lots of vases. Lots of candles. Too many small things and too few large things. Keep your finished product looking cohesive by mixing shapes and heights. 

summer mantel decorating ideas, summer fireplace mantel decor, summer fireplace

If you have too many round vases or candles, bring in something rectangular like photo frames or decorative boxes. Balance tall candle lanterns with smaller objects. Conversely, if you need to add height, placing an item on stacks of books is a perfect way to to do that. 

summer mantel decorating ideas, summer fireplace mantel decor, summer fireplace

Creating a bright simple summer mantel doesn't take too much effort. Take a step back and really look at your summer fireplace mantel decor. Is there a gap? Is your eye distracted by an item, or perhaps nothing catches your eye? Does it feel boring and lifeless? 

With these mantel decor ideas you can tweak your design and end up with a finished product you love. I hope you've enjoyed this closer look at my mantel decor. Now hop on over and visit my blogging friends for more summer decor ideas.


Today kicks off the Seasonal Simplicity Summer Series! For the next several weeks we will all be sharing some fun summer DIY and decor ideas with you. You can visit all of these great summer Mantel decorating ideas by clicking on the links below the images.



summer fireplace mantel decorating ideas

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