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Cozy Fall Living Room Decor Ideas

by - Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The fall season is finally upon us and without fail, my immediate thought is to make my home as cozy and warm as possible. 

I am not a cold weather person. I love early fall with its cool mornings and warm afternoons, when you can still get away with wearing a sweater and sneakers, no need for puffy coats and boots (yet). But anything cooler than that, I'd rather be indoors than out. 

buffalo plaid armchair with throw pillows and plaid blanket beside a fireplace with traditional mantel and fall decor

Fall Living Room Decor

Tuck me inside a cozy living room with fluffy throw pillows, a fire burning, and a warm blanket on my lap. That's my idea of fall, all nestled and warm in my own home. If you're the same, I've got the 10 fall decor ideas to help you create a cozy vibe in your home. 

1. Fall Color Palette 

Do you ever wonder how to decorate your home for a new season? I used to just pull out my fall living room decor and slowly switch out summer accessories for fall ones, piece by piece. One day I'd switch out the decorative pillows. Then the next I'd redecorate the bookshelves. But that ended up taking so long! 

These days, I find it much easier now to do it all in one fell swoop. I clear out all the summer accessories and put them away and start with a blank slate. 

Then I bring out living room fall decor and sort it in three categories: florals, accessories, and art. 

collection of faux fall leaves, painted pumpkins, decorative fall floral arrangements, and fall branches
collection of vintage crocks, baskets, vases, and fall candles
Collection of vintage printable art featuring horses, fall landscapes, and birds in thrifted wood frames and metal frames

This is any easy way to see exactly what cozy accents you have and decide what fall color scheme you want to work with. Seeing all my decorations together led me to a color palette of dark browns, cream, and warm yellows and golds. 

I was able to edit out different things that didn't fall in with those rich colors, like the brighter green faux plants, and the single orange candle. Then, what I'm left with, coordinates beautifully together. Just arrange objects around the room for a cohesive and pleasant look. 

mahogany entry table decorated with federal mirror and wheat sheaf

2. Warm Woods 

One fall trend I'm embracing is the shift towards warmer woods. I've been on the hunt lately at my favourite thrifting sources for wood furniture and wood frames. 

view of pocket doors and mahogany entry table with side chair in living room

I bought this secondhand entryway table in the summer and had every intention to paint it. It's red-toned mahogany finish didn't exactly match the rest of my home decor, but maybe that unexpected pop is a great way to freshen up my home. 

You can see how the mahogany entry table picks up on the red toned wood floors and the wood art frame. The rich wood tones complement the neutral paint colours and accessories beautifully.

slatted armchair in a corner against panel moulding with vintage printable horse art above

3. Equestrian Decor For Home 

A quick look around this living space and its obvious that I'm a fan of equestrian decor. It's an easy style to incorporate. I've had these horse motif pillow covers for a while now and paired them with vintage horse art printables, a horse bust, and a horseshoe. Even my quilted herringbone parka brings an equestrian touch. 

original 1960's fireplace mantel styled with horse bust, glassware, pumpkins, and vintage crocks
equestrian decor for the living room with a horseshoe on a stack of vintage books and a vintage lamp and small crock jar

There is something about artwork featuring horses and hounds that brings a fall feel to a room. Perhaps it's the autumn hues in the art, or the fact that things like hunting signal a specific time of year. Having a large equestrian art piece over the mantel really sets the tone and brings all of those details together. 

cozy fall living room decor ideas

wheat sheaf with blue and white gingham ribbon

4. Natural Elements 

One fall sign you can't deny is mother nature slowly preparing for the slumber of winter. Bringing in natural elements like a vase of fall leaves, acorns, and wheat sheafs signifies the change of season. 

I like to scatter faux pumpkins around the room. Having them painted in neutral greys or made out of plaid fabric is a fun way to keep within my colour palette while adding soft textures. 

bookcase styled with fall decor accessories


Using branches cut from your garden is a budget-friendly way to decorate, or opt for faux florals in fall colors if you don't have a garden at hand! 

5. Cozy Throw Blankets and Pillows 

Fall is the perfect time to bring out all the cozy blankets and ward off those cooler temperatures. A plaid blanket on an armchair invites you to sit by the fire and stay warm. A collection of toss pillows in the window seat beckons you to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. 

built in bookcases surrounding window seat with window seat cushion and roman blind with ribbon detail

Can you have too many pillows in one room? Perhaps but textiles go a long way in making your living room cozy and inviting. I love the look of pillows and plaid blankets in a room even when its not in use. You catch a glimpse as you walk by and you get that instant cozy feel. 

English roll arm sofa and two blue armchairs layout in traditional living room
house plants palm areca and rubber plant in a living room corner

6. Living Room Lighting 

This is the time of year when the days get gloomy and rainy. Its important to have different sources of light in your living room in the fall. This can be anything from a pumpkin spice candle set on the coffee table, to a vintage lamp on a side table, to recessed lighting overhead. 

fireplace mantel with equestrian art focal point, decorative vases with branches, horse bust, vintage crocks and faux pumpkins
buffalo plaid armchair with velvet pillow, plaid blanket, and brass floor lamp beside a fireplace

Of course, there's nothing better than a roaring fire to make your living room feel extra cozy. Lamps are having a bit of a renaissance too so look for ones with character. This brushed brass floor lamp adds both function and beautiful shine to the living room. 

Fireplace mantel with vase of fall leaves, candles, pumpkins, and vintage trophy

7. Vintage Accessories 

One of the best ways to decorate for fall is with vintage accessories. Elements like vintage trophies, old crocks, ceramic vases, and vintage art add character and personality to your home. Their cracks and not so perfect appearance are part of their appeal. Think of creative ways to use old things.

blue desk in front window stacked with books and pottery, candlestick, and vintage twine holder
vintage book on a small marble side table beside a black and white buffalo plaid armchair
window seat with a small round side cocktail table atop a vintage rug

8. Room Layout

Can a simple change to your furniture layout make your room feel cozier? Absolutely! Typically, I have this living room layout with the two blue armchairs to the left of the sofa and the buffalo plaid chair in the corner where the plants are.

traditional living room with rectangular layout, front window, panel moulding, and Farrow and Ball Ammonite paint

By moving the chairs, I'm able to create a cozier seating arrangement and make the living room feel less expansive. Having one armchair on either side of the sofa creates a pleasant zone for conversation. All chairs are within reach of the coffee table, making it easy to sit and enjoy a cup of tea while sitting down for a talk. 

Placing the plaid armchair next to the fireplace also invites one to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fire. Its the perfect spot to enjoy a good book.

traditional living room layout with sofa and two armchairs facing a fireplace. Window seat flanked by two built in bookcases
buffalo plaid armchair with throw pillows and plaid blanket beside a fireplace with traditional mantel and fall decor

This new layout also gives an enticing view into the living room. I love this peek beyond the pocket doors, especially when the fire is on.

view into a living room past pocket doors. Traditional living room with fireplace and armchairs

With these cozy fall living room decor ideas in mind, you'll be able to create a space to enjoy throughout harvest season and beyond.

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