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4 Creative Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

by - Tuesday, October 04, 2022

"On a budget" is a phrase I think we'll be hearing a lot now and throughout the holidays. We're all a little worried about inflation, the job market, supply chain issues, and have a general level of uncertainty these days... am I right? Which can make decorating seem unnecessary, frivolous, and wasteful.

I don't disagree. My motto of late has been to 'use what you already have' first, and if you don't have it, invest in something long-lasting instead of something that is cheap, trendy, and will only last you one season.

You can create a pretty, decorated home on a budget. Here's four fall front porch decorating ideas that will have you using your decor in creative new ways.

front porch with yellow mums, white bench, blue and white outdoor rug, and pumpkins decorated for fall

Budget Fall Front Porch Decor

1. Non Traditional Color Palette

When you think of fall, what colours do you imagine? Is it oranges, browns, deep reds, and yellows? That is the colour scheme of the falling leaves, but there's nothing that says your decor has to stick to that scheme as well.

You don't need to invest in new pillow covers in just the right tones or use accessories only "suitable" for the fall season. You can create a seasonal look using any colors you desire. The key is to repeat colours and make it seem intentional. 

Fall front porch decor with white bench, plaid pillow, yellow mums, grey, white and orange pumpkins, and a blue and white traditional outdoor rug

I started this year's fall front porch scheme with the rug. I purchased this rug in the spring and absolutely love the traditional pattern and blue and white colour scheme. With no desire to switch out the rug, I just incorporated more blue and white elements into the display.

I used pillows and throws I've had for years. The blue pillow was from Rainsford Company and the plaid pillow was from Indigo, two of my favourite sources for home decor products. The smaller beige pillow is from Zara Home is a great neutral that works all year round.

2. Small Accessories, Big Impact

If you do want to buy something new, make sure it is something that truly love and is something that has personality. For me, it was the orange gingham and blue and white floral fabric pumpkins. 

While they're not large, you're bound to notice them wherever they're displayed. I purchased them Buy 1, Get the second 50% off at Michaels (which, if you haven't already, definitely download the Michaels app for great deals!)

front porch bench with plaid pillow, yellow mums, white bench, blue and white outdoor rug, and orange and blue decor for fall

blue and white fabric pumpkin in a black vase. Yellow mums and pumpkins as fall front porch decor

I've paired them with faux florals I already had some real florals I dried and kept from a summer flower arrangement. Mixing real and faux florals is a great way to stretch your decorating budget.

Orange mums flanking a green front door and plaid door mat creating a welcoming fall front porch

3. Neutral Vessels

Another way to decorate on a budget is to keep your vessels and containers neutral so that you can use them season after season.

All of my floral containers, from the matching urns to the round planter, cauldron, and vase, are in a neutral black. Black means they work with any decorating scheme and help create a cohesive look. The wood and black metal lanterns also coordinate. They are timeless and can be used throughout the year. 

Painted pumpkins in a cauldron, wood and metal outdoor lanterns, yellow pumpkin, white bench with plaid and floral pillows

Painted pumpkins in a cauldron, wood and metal outdoor lanterns, yellow pumpkin, white bench with plaid and floral pillows

4. Sustainable Decor

The disposable elements in this fall front porch are the real mums and pumpkins. You can't deny the appeal of colourful pumpkins in fun hues of grey, green, yellow, white, and orange. Sadly, these pumpkins and mums will be tossed out just after Halloween has passed, but there are a few things I'm doing to make their purchase more acceptable:
  • Buying pumpkins straight from the farm. I buy my pumpkins at the farmer's market near our country cottage. I feel better knowing that money goes straight to the farmer who grew these pumpkins in their field. As a bonus, you tend to find different varieties of pumpkins in the country so it's worth a drive!
  • Spray painting dead mums for Christmas decor. I've never done this before but I'm inspired by this post to give spray painting mums a try. It has beautiful texture and shine. Perhaps I'll throw in some sprinkle lights too!
  • Using reusable or painted pumpkins. You'll notice that I have a few faux and painted pumpkins in my porch decor. It's great to be able reuse these pumpkins year after year for any kind of fall display. See this post for how I took bright orange dollar store pumpkins and repainted them to a calmer grey hue with chalk paint
dollar store orange pumpkins painted grey using kraft paint and barbeque sticks

Has this given you new ideas to try with your fall front porch decor? You can create a beautiful and welcoming front porch without spending much!


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Fall front porch decor with yellow and dark green pumpkins, tan rug, and woven baskets
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