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Hello and welcome to our blog! I'm Jennifer, married to HandyMan, and we have a little girl named Chloe. This blog chronicles our adventures in transforming our house into a home.

We live in a red brick, two story, semi-detached house in a wonderful leafy and family-friendly neighbourhood in Toronto. We purchased our house in July 2007. Built in the 1950's, our house had great bones -- hidden beneath layers of pink carpet and floral wallpaper! We could tell though that it was a gem waiting to be uncovered.

HandyMan is an intern Architect, I'm a design enthusiast and we love all things design - we've even written an architecture book together. Our tastes tend to the transitional and we try and do much of the renovating ourselves. I do the planning and decorating and HandyMan figures out how we actually get things built. It can get messy, and there are many arguments and compromises along the way, but nothing beats transforming our spaces into something that truly is a reflection of us.

With the birth of our daughter in 2009, life got more interesting. Our house now feels even more like a home (I guess children can do that!) so we'll be posting about our home life - crafts, sewing, and spending time as a family - too. There's still plenty of rooms to renovate and decorate so we'll still be pulling out the tools once in a while!


What's the +? We believe that anything worth doing, is worth doing well. We think know that going the extra mile, putting that extra bit of effort in the smallest of details, brings about results that are that much more memorable, original, and special. So as you look around our house, see our crafts, and follow our projects, notice the details. We think you'll spy something different. In this world of do it quick, get it done fast, temporary fixes, we like to slow it down, think carefully, and add the +. The difference is in the details, and the details make all the difference.

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  1. HI, love all your beautiful home projects. Just wondering do you post the information of the type of kitchen cabinets you used, appliances and cabinets for the home office anywhere. I am not too blog savvy so a little direction will be much appreciated! Thanks


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