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Finding A Balance

by - Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some readers asked for a pic of mom and dad with baby Chloe so here are my favourites. Even with all the photos I've already taken the past week, I think these two will always hold a unique place in my heart. They capture a very special moment in time and were taken in the first few hours of her life. You can't see them, but there are definitely tears in each of our eyes in these photos.
I'm still trying to figure things out these days... figure out the feeding schedule, figuring out what her cries mean, figure out how to comfort her. And figure out what direction to take this blog. I don't want to turn this into "The Chloe Chronicles" and become one of those moms who does nothing but drone on and on about how special their little one is. This is a home blog after all and though I still get excited talking about wallpaper and fabric swatches and plans for renovating the deck - there's a little girl who has captured my attention and completely enthralled me. I hope to find the balance over the next little while and hope you'll stick around for the ride. I'll be showing pics of the oh-so-sweet nursery curtains and banquette cushions in the next post, if that helps ;) Home, baby, renos, marriage, love... its all one in the same now. I kinda like that. :)

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  1. congratulations to both of you!
    I think its just a wonderful time for both of you and why shouldn't you ramble about her!
    Since 'a baby changes everything', you may soon find the face of your house and the inside slowly changing to accommodate her needs. It would be great to read about this and how you handle the situation! I'm sure you will come up with some great designs. So parallely, of course, you would have to write about her exploits to cause such a change!!
    Sorry for such a long comment!

  2. Thank you for sharing those photos , I would personally love to see this new part of your life , all things can merge , please feel free to share , I will be happy to read all about little Chloe , it reminds me of the good old days when my girls were babies , all 11 years ago . evolve away.

  3. What ever balance you strike, I'll still be reading.

    Those pictures are absolutely beautiful and definitely mesmerizing. Congratulations again!

  4. Congratulations on your baby girl. She is beautiful!!! Finding balance shouldn't be too hard, there is a new life in your hands and what bigger change in a home than a baby? Kinda like renovating your home and your lives, no?I hope you don't drive yourself too crazy, we love your blog no matter the content :)

  5. What beautiful photos of your cute little family- and my goodness girl, you look amazing and you JUST had a baby!!

    I love reading about your decorating and designing, now with "Chloe talk" it will be even more fun to follow your blog :o) You said it best yourself: "This is a home blog..." and what makes it a home is the people who live in it. We're not going anywhere!!

    Have a Happy Day!

  6. Caroline7:56 PM

    Beautiful pictures! Love your updates on that beautiful baby!!

    Here is something I found on YouTube,
    about the woman who was on Oprah,
    explaining about the different baby cries. Hope this helps!

  7. Caroline7:57 PM

  8. Congrats! Thank you so much for sharing these photos! She is so beautiful and you and the mr. look so proud and happy! blessings to you all! hugs from Conroe, TX!

  9. LauraJane11:41 PM

    So touching!! I love the photos- and you look beautiful in that first one! :)

  10. Your post made me cry, I am not far behind you with my own little one on the way. Glad to hear that you and baby are doing well. Keep posting.

  11. congratulations! she is just beautiful!

  12. Anonymous12:45 PM

    However your beautiful blog evolves, I'm with ya! The photos are gorgeous. You look so pretty.


  13. What a lovely family! Thank you for sharing these pictures!

  14. Congratulations!
    What an exciting journey you all have started!
    I like your blog, full of inspiration for interior!

  15. You guys are so terribly cute. This is delightful fun. Soak it in!

  16. COngratulations!!!!!
    I know exactly how you feel right now, your life is full and wonderful and has a different kind of meaning. Oh, also: Welcome to the motherhood club- place where 80% of conversations are about kids. LoL! And there is absolutly nothing wrong with it!! I will be stoping by your blog no matter what direction you choose. By the way, have you heard about DESIGN MOM blog? It succesfuly combines motherhood and design all in one.Check it out ;)

  17. You look so beautiful! And everyone looks so happy. Congratulations, again. And I for one, would love to hear all about that gorgeous little bebeh!

  18. Congratulations to you both and beautiful little Chloe! It's a wonderful time, and as you note, filling your lives up - hearts, rooms, minds - with exactly the right girl. Best to you all!

  19. Your baby is so lovely! COngratulations!! I, too, have a home blog, but from time to time I post about my kids and family. My readers don't seem to mind too much, and it is a wonderful journal of sorts for me to look back upon.

    I don't think anyone would mind hearing about your sweet baby any day of the week!


  20. I'm just catching up on all the blogs I missed while I was away on vacation and am so happy for you and Handyman and Chloe! You both look radiant holding her and it will be a trip to read about your new adventures :)


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