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Desperately Seeking A Small Sofa For The Basement

by - Monday, May 06, 2013

That post title sums up how I was feeling a few weeks ago. One of the final pieces we had to find for the basement was a sofa. A small sofa. Make that a VERY small sofa. 

As with most basements, we had a narrow stairwell to maneuver a sofa through. That passage was made smaller as we had new drywall installed right on top of the old textured plastered walls (you can see them here at the bottom of the mini mudroom post), leaving only a 28" wide stairwell.

Small Basement Sofa

I searched high and low for a sofa that could fit - maybe one with a low back or removable feet, anything to save a few precious inches. Finally, thanks to Ikea, I found the one: the Karlstad sofa in Isunda Gray.

small basement sofa, ikea karlstad sofa, basement sofa

 The Karlstad is a popular sofa in blog land. John and Sherry have it in a sectional and so does Cassie. Anna has the sofa and Heidi has the sofa bed. And though I have been known to jump on a blog trend or two, the reason we got this particular sofa was that it was the only one that combined both fit and style.

I had originally wanted a sofa with chaise but the dimensions were too big and the chaise part felt like it might close off the "entertainment zone" from the rest of the basement. So we opted for the simple sofa. It has a nice low back and clean lines and it doesn't impede sightlines when you come down the stairs. Our basement isn't that big so we wanted to keep the furniture as light and leggy as possible.

I've paired the sofa with the Star Trellis rug from Rugs USA. I really love the vibrant colours and graphic punch of this rug. The rest of the basement is kind of beachy and relaxed but the rug adds an element of fun.

small basement sofa, ikea karlstad sofa, basement sofa

The Isunda Gray slipcover has a really nice texture and looks almost like suiting fabric. I didn't want to get a slipcover that was too dark or the sofa would look too big and heavy in the airy basement. You need to put the slipcover on before you assemble the sofa. I was surprised by how nice and tight it fit! 

I sewed the two pillow covers and the throw is the Threshold organic blanket from Target. It has a fun herringbone pattern and the throw is the perfect size - its not one of those skimpy blankets that are too short to cover your feet. This sofa has quickly become my favourite place to have a nap.

small basement sofa, ikea karlstad sofa, basement sofa 
The wicker ottomans are from President's Choice Home. We've had these sitting in storage for almost two years so it felt great to finally get them into the room. They're storage ottomans and currently hold my hoard of magazines. I'm really loving their rough texture. The light colour picks up on the wood legs of the Karlstad too.
small basement sofa, ikea karlstad sofa, basement sofa

We've solved the sofa dilemma but I still haven't figured out what to put on the walls. I'd like to do a gallery wall but HandyMan is a little bored of the look (there's one in Chloe's old room and we had one in the old office too). Maybe our old school map might work here?

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