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One Room Challenge Week 2 - Coastal Colonial Dining Room

by - Thursday, April 14, 2016

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It's Week 2 of the One Room Challenge (click here to see Week 1) hosted by Linda of Calling It Home and it's about time I showed you my design plan. But first, some inspiration.

Source unknown
Beehive, Bahamas | Tom Scheerer Inc.
Source unknown

Jenny Wolf Interiors

Are you getting the breezy coastal colonial vibe I'm going for? This dining room makeover isn't going to be a complete overhaul. As a reminder, here's what the room looks like:

Dining room, Christmas 2015
To keep within my limited budget, I'm reusing some of the existing pieces: our dining table and chairs, drapery hardware and our jute chenille rug. The dark wood floors aren't being touched either so all of those dark woods definitely had an influence on the design direction. The dining room is also open to the living room so that needed to be taken into consideration as well. That room looked like this last winter:

A lot of yellows and blues happening in the living room. In the "before" of the dining room, I picked up on the yellow but with this makeover, I think I'll tie it in more with the blues. A few other decisions have been made:

  1. We're removing the wallpaper and going with paint. Why? Generally, I'm craving more simplicity in my interiors, less pattern, less visual chaos. Also, there is a small whisper in the back of our heads that we might move in the next year or so and paint is less offensive to potential buyers. Finally, it takes me 372 times longer to decide on wallpaper vs paint so if there's of any hope of progress in this room, we've gotta paint!
  2. We're also taking out the plantation shutters. Removing the shutters at the front of the house was a real eye-opener: they cut out so. much. light! I've been working at the dining table the last few days with the shutters folded back to see if I would like the look and guess what? The view out the dining room window overlooking the awesome rattan shades and fabulous white painted porch is fantastic... which is sad because the plantation shutters are kept closed about 80% of the time.
  3. I'll be removing the mirrored cabinet that sits in the dining room corner. I've had it for over a decade and it is too glam for the space. 
  4. Our pleated double pendant will be going too. I still love that light fixture, but since we keep our dining room table as a round table most of the time and put in the leaf only when we have guests, the double pendant doesn't make sense.

Here's the first draft of the plan (and yes, I say "first" and "draft" because I am likely to change my mind a dozen times before these six weeks are up!)

So what are the new pieces?

  1. I'll be replacing the shutters with a bamboo roman shade. We have this type of shade in our master bedroom and I just love it. It adds texture, warmth, and natural colour. Since the window is large, it was tricky to find just the right size but I found this one on Wayfair and it's been ordered.
  2. I want to pair the bamboo shade with drapery. The exact pattern is undecided but the Naga from Tonic Living is a contender. It has an organic feel, has just enough pattern, and the cream and blues mimic the colours found in the living room. 
  3. I wanted a light fixture that almost disappeared and this one from eBay Canada fits the bill. I want to be able to see 'through' the light and out onto the back porch. I seriously debated going with the popular lantern style of pendant but I have doubts that those types of fixtures cast enough light. And I'm old and I need light!
  4. Because I'm old, we're also adding pot lights to the dining room. Sean has wanted pot lights for years and we're using this makeover as an excuse to finally get them in.
  5. There will be large scale art happening. I love beach art but again, I might likely change my mind before this room gets pulled together.
So that is the very simple plan. It should be no problem to get this done in six weeks, right? And what have I accomplished since last week... almost nothing!!! See, we are having a birthday party for a very special 7 year old this weekend so this dining room cannot be touched. Not one inch of wallpaper can be torn off nor anything removed until that last little guest has left. But after that - game on! Let's get this room done.

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