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Getting Organized

by - Friday, October 21, 2011

Thanks everyone for your kind comments on my last post.  It all seems a bit unreal but I’m sure by Monday it will sink in!

I’ve been slowly doing some organizing the last few weeks to get prepared for the shoot. One little thing that was nagging me was the state of our home office. We have lots of storage but things always ended up just piled on the desk – fabric scraps, papers, magazines.

Want to see how we put this room together? Check out this post, this post, and this post too.

I got these metal bins at Loblaws. They’re perfect for holding my fabric hoard scraps. Don’t you love the PC Home products at Loblaws/SuperStore? For those who don’t know, Joe Mimran (the man who created Club Monaco and Caban) created SuperStore's JoeFresh clothing line and is also the design director for the PC Home furnishings and housewares line. I admit sometimes I spend more time shopping for clothing and furnishings than I do groceries ;)

I also decided to do something with all those magazines I have about. I have them stored EVERYWHERE around my house… these are just the Style At Home ones ;) I had some old cheap Ikea magazine holders but was tired of the pattern on them so I covered them up with Chloe’s art paper. I like looking through the magazines seasonally so I organized everything by month (as opposed to year) and made up these labels on my computer. Fun!

Now, with the painted chairs, everything looks brighter and whiter. Ready for the close up now!

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