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6 Easy Crafts for Christmas

by - Wednesday, December 11, 2019

It was so fun to share the details of our crafternoon party on my last post. But crafting is not a one-time thing here... the Christmas craft making goes on all holiday season long! So today, I thought I would round up 6 fun and easy crafts for Christmas that we've made over the years. Many of these are holiday themed while others can be enjoyed year round. They are easy enough for kids and adults to make together and you might even make some of these to give as gifts.

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Christmas Craft Ideas

I'm happy to be working with Etsy this season to bring you these crafty ideas. I source so many of my craft supplies from Etsy. They're a great resource for when you need supplies that are unique or unusual, ones that are handmade, or when you need to buy things in bulk. And Etsy is not just for craft supplies - I just ordered this gift for myself and can't wait for it to arrive on my doorstep!

Click on through to see the detailed instructions on how to make these DIY crafts for Christmas. If you try any of these crafts, do let me know! I'd love to see what you've created.

Frozen Peg Dolls:

Hand painted FROZEN peg dolls. FROZEN party favors for girls and boys

These Frozen Peg Dolls might be my favourite craft ever. My mom, Chloe and I made them for Chloe's epic FROZEN themed 5th birthday party and we gave them to each of the attendees in their FROZEN themed goodie bags

The dolls might look complicated but they didn't take long to do and the painting was strangely therapeutic and relaxing. I'm delighted that FROZEN 2 has just come out and this would be a timely holiday craft that kids would be excited to make.

Hand painted FROZEN peg dolls. FROZEN party favors for girls and boys, FROZEN Anna peg doll
Hand painted FROZEN peg dolls. FROZEN party favors for girls and boys, FROZEN Elsa peg doll
Hand painted FROZEN peg dolls. FROZEN party favors for girls and boys

Felt Mini Stocking:

This felt mini stocking is adorable and so versatile. You can use it to decorate the tree, store small gifts like a gift card or lip balm, or put at one at each place setting as a cutlery holder. If you have basic sewing skills, you can whip these up in no time.

mini felt stocking, stocking holder for gift card, stocking holder for cutlery

DIY Cake stand:

Creating your own DIY cake stand is as simple as gluing a vintage plate and a candlestick together and painting the bottom. This is a great way to use any mismatched plates you might have. Or make them mini, using teacup saucers, and create a set of cupcake stands for your next tea party. How pretty would it be to have cake stands of various heights on your Christmas morning breakfast table?

DIY cake stand, thrifted cake stand

Homemade Hand Warmers:

These homemade hand warmers make a lovely gift for the crossing guard or teacher (recess monitoring can be a cold job in the winter!). For extra cuteness, put them in a faux embroidered cotton bag (click HERE for my free template)

DIY Hand warmer, Hand Warmer gift with gift bag, DIY gift for teachers

Chalk Ink Decorating:

Get creative using chalk ink. You can use chalk ink markers to add holiday cheer throughout your home, from laurel wreaths drawn on mirrors, seasonal quotes on windows, to santa hats on your family portraits. Chalk ink is a very forgiving medium (just wash it off and start again) and you can use these markers long after the holidays have passed.

Chalk ink crafts, chalk ink ideas, Chalk ink Christmas ideas

Felt Bottle Scarf:

File this craft under the heading of "absolutely unnecessary but totally adorable". These felt bottle scarfs are the cutest way to dress up that bottle of wine you'll be bringing for the host. And kids will love them too. Having milk and cookies? Use these scarfs to decorate your milk bottles.

felt bottle scarf, wine bottle scarf

I hope you've enjoyed these Christmas craft ideas. There's no better way to enjoy the season than spending time with others and making new memories. Time to pick one and start creating!

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